tooth implant manufacturer

Implants are fully taking advantage of the digital revolution and are not being left behind by any means. Utilizing robotics, AI, virtual workflows, and industry intelligence makes it increasingly possible to create products with accuracy and speed. Now thanks to Implant Logic, you can access quality products and services affordably.

The hardware

Tooth implant manufacturer, Implant Logic, offers two material options so you can choose the one that you feel suits your needs perfectly. Whether it is mono or multi-zirconia, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the digital revolution, Implant Logic delivers each crown with a virgin-clinical screw that is anodized for quick reference and determination of its reliability.

The implants are precision fabricated to have parts cleared by the FDA and are anodized or coated with titanium nitride to provide the best concealment of the titanium components. Likewise, you get an exact geometry fit that facilitates correct analog indexing into the digital mode and the details into the analog. Check out the two materials below:

  • Zirconia multi
    By combining 3y, 4y, and 5y zirconia layers, this product delivers depth and natural qualities (43 percent to 57 percent translucency) while preserving strength (1200-700 mph), making it the optimum material for implant repair. Your patients will like the new look.
  • Zirconia mono
    Pre-shaded monolithic zirconia, mono ensures uniformity. With a flexural strength of 1200 MPa and a light transmission at 47%, this is your go-to repair for overall value! If your tooth implant manufacturer is using this material, then don’t expect any disappointments.

Likewise, through Implant Logic, you can now take advantage of the 3D models printed by the best printers on the market when it comes to hardware. The accuracy and repeatability are worth every penny.

There is no need to panic if you don’t have an intra-oral scanner but would like to have one; Implant Logic has got you covered!