tooth implant manufacturer

Dental implants are one of the most common oral surgery procedures performed in the U.S., permanently replacing a missing tooth. The entire cost for this procedure averages between $3,000-$4,500, including all the dental services, any imaging costs, and of course, the replacement tooth itself. Dental implants are generally created by a tooth implant manufacturer in a lab offsite from the dentist’s office.

When dentists quote a price for their patients, having a reliable estimate for the implant is essential for profitability. However, oral surgeons often receive bills from their tooth implant manufacturer, which are much higher than anticipated, including extra costs for fashioning the crown.

Robotics, AI, and Dental Implants

The “digital revolution,” including robotics, 3-D printing, and artificial intelligence, has been a boon to tooth implant manufacturers. Instead of crafting each dental implant by hand, technology now allows them to use specialized carbon 3-D printers to create custom dental implants for each client.

At Implant Logic, we’re able to offer our clients flat rates for dental implants. Our tooth manufacturer lab has leading-edge technology and, coupled with industry-leading knowledge and training; we’re able to accurately and efficiently complete each order with minimal downtime.

The 3-D process we employ uses the scans from our oral surgeon partners for each of their patients. We then create consistent outcomes. The accuracy and repeatability of our technology help us give you consistent, reliable pricing.

The Benefits of AI Technology in Dentistry

A Carbon 3-D printer creates implants with results that are as durable and long-lasting as their traditional counterparts. Therefore, we can accurately estimate the cost of creating implants by reducing and standardizing our prices.

Choose the tooth implant manufacturer who can give you a flat rate every time. Visit Implant Logic online today to learn more, and fill out our contact form.